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IRB 1660ID - High Performance ID Robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending

Up to 10% shorter cycle times

IRB 1660ID’s new compact wrist with very powerful motors enables fast and reliable movements that do not impede swinging cables and allow maximum acceleration and speed at all times. This combined with ABB’s QuickMoveTM technology allows the IRB 1660ID to shorten cycle times up to 10% compared to the competition.

Outstanding weld quality

The demand for superior and quality in arc welding applications has increased, requiring improved wire feeding control near the arc to guarantee high-volume production. The IRB 1660ID has a stronger more rigid upper arm able to lift up to 6 kg to accommodate heavier torches.

This, combined with ABB‘s TrueMoveTM technology and the new motion process “Accuracy mode” provides 0.05 mm path repeatability for excellent welding results.

Safe robot movements enable high-density cells

The IRB 1660ID with the aid of RobotStudio®, ABB’s premier offline robot software programming tool, enables robot programmers to envision high-density cells with several robots welding close to each other with a minimum of workpiece heat distortions.

RobotStudio simulations help to secure safe robot movements with max speed and accelerations at all times to provide predictable and shortest possible cycle times. Such high-density cells can maximize your output, provide top-quality parts, and operate with unmatched reliability.

Fast, agile, and reliable for machine tending

The compact and hollow wrist enables fast and reliable movements since the robot can move at maximum acceleration and speed without damaging the Integrated DressPack. The risk of collision in confined spaces is also eliminated. The combined working range of axes 4, 5 and 6 of 1,390° provides outstanding agility inside CNC machines. The IP67 wrist, the protection of the cablings from water and the controlled movements provide up to 50 percent lower maintenance costs and a longer life expectancy.

Simplified online programming

Online programming is further simplified thanks to the full control of the hose packages or cablings, the compact 135 mm size wrist for faster re-orientations and the 0.30 mm TCP reorientation accuracy (absolute accuracy option needed) for highly accurate corner re-orientations.

Main applications:

  • Arc Welding
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling