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Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Systems

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are electronically commutated and are quickly growing in popularity owing to their improved torque-to-weight ratio and superior electrical efficiency. They perform noticeably better than mechanically commutated, brushed motors because of these improvements.

They are categorized as permanent magnet synchronous machines or PMSMs. Unlike PMSM motors that demonstrate sinusoidal back EMF because of distributed stator windings, the concentration of stator windings in BLDC motors demonstrates a trapezoidal back EMF.

This means that brushless DC motor control systems commonly use trapezoidal control. Field-oriented control (FOC) is also used in some BLDC motor control systems, whereas a typical PMSM motor will only use a field-oriented motor controller.

Trapezoidal control in BLDC motor control systems is less complex than FOC because it energizes just two phases at any given moment. Torque control in trapezoidal brushless DC motor control systems is operated by a single PID controller.

Moreover, BLDC motor control systems do not require coordinate transformation, unlike typical field-oriented control that uses Park and Clarke transforms for this purpose.

Here is how the engineers at Outer Reef Technologies design BLDC motor control systems using trapezoidal methods for improved efficiency, reliability, and control.

  • They build motor controller architecture using a PI controller for the inner voltage loop.
  • They build PI controllers for optional outer speed and position loops.
  • They meet all performance requirements by finely tuning and optimizing the gains of all PI controllers.
  • They design Space Vector Modulation (SVM) control
  • They design fault detection and protection logic
  • They test and certify motor controller performance across different working conditions
  • They implement a motor controller in fixed or floating point on a microcontroller

This trapezoidal control design in BLDC motor control systems provides immense advantages in operations.

The Advantage of Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor)

BLDC motors offer high torque, wide speed range, and energy efficiency in a space-saving design, and these result in the majority of its advantages when compared to other motors. They are widely popular because they save time, cost, and space while enhancing performance, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Powerful Performance:BLDC motors are much more powerful than similar-sized counterparts. They offer a wide range of speed, and their flat torque characteristic means they can maintain torque even if the speed changes. They are even capable of producing up to twice the torque for a limited amount of time.
    They are also capable of regulating and maintaining speeds around 99 percent, irrespective of changing loads.
  • Compact Design:The compact yet powerful design of BLDC motors means they are space-saving motors and allow you to downsize your equipment without compromising on performance. Compared to any AC motor of similar size, brushless DC motors produce substantially more output.
  • Reliable BLDC Motor Control Systems:As mentioned, BLDC motors are electronically commutated and typically use a trapezoidal control through BLDC motor control systems. These are electronic-input motor controllers, and the BLDC motor itself requires no power relays.
    This makes them highly reliable because it eliminates the need for replacement or periodic service of the relays. Additionally, it considerably reduces the set-up time of BLDC motors, and the lack of relays means there is no spark noise, from the opening and shutting of contact points.
  • Maintenance-Free Motor:Since BLDC motors do not use brushes that require periodic maintenance or complete replacement over time, they save additional money and time. This feature combined with lack of power relays means that your BLDC motor control system and BLDC motor are truly maintenance-free.
  • Energy Efficiency:BLDC motors incorporate permanent magnets in the rotor, and this results in little to no energy loss from the rotor. They also consume less energy when compared to the similar performance of other motors. BLDC motors are more than capable of significantly reducing the energy consumption of your equipment.

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How does a brushless electric motor work?
To better understand how a brushless electric motor works, you need to first understand how a brushed electric motor works. A brushed DC motor has permanent, stationary magnets on the stator and an electromagnetic spinning rotor inside, which spins 180 degrees when electricity is run through it.

The rotor requires the electromagnetic poles to switch to spin a full 360 degrees. This is where the brushes come in. As the rotor spins, the brushes make contact with the stator, and this switches the poles, allowing the rotor to achieve a complete 360 degrees spin.

A brushless DC motor is a brushed DC motor but turned inside out. Hence, a BLDC motor has a permanent magnetic rotor and a spinning electromagnetic stator. This eliminates the need for any brushes to flip the electromagnetic poles.

A computerized BLDC motor control system simply energizes the stator to make complete 360-degree spins.

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