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Why Hire Outer Reef Technologies?

Outer Reef Technologies is committed to offering our innovative medical product development and medical device software development. We hire the brightest engineering consultants to create solutions that will help you find the systems and devices you need to offer patients optimized care and resources.

Following are some of the skills we offer:

  • Scientific Analysis
  • Fluidics
  • Testing and Technology Assessment
  • Handheld Medical Devices
  • CAD
  • Wearables
  • Mechanism Design
  • Medical Disposables
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Package Engineering
  • Plastic Enclosure and Part Design
  • Manufacturing Engineering (DFMA)
  • Surgical Tool Design
  • Test Engineering
  • Motion Control
  • Tooling Liaison

If you require medical product development, project management, or consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams.

Medical Device Manufacturing Process Development

The engineering consultants at Outer Reef Technologies utilize state-of-the-art technologies to test the products during manufacturing process development. Medical product development is a lengthy process that requires numerous inspections, testing, sterilization, etc. to ensure the product meets our specifications.

Medical device software development is also involved in the case of medical electronic devices, and our engineers make thorough checks for integration before giving it due to approvals. Our products are premium and innovative as well as compliant.

Optimized for Process Efficiency and Quality

Medical product development is a precise science and we recognize how important it is for each product to function without errors. At Outer Reef, we maintain strict quality standards and have optimized our manufacturing processes to ensure all of our divisions meet these standards.

Despite maintaining quality standards, we have created a dedicated system that helps us keep the manufacturing process development efficient. Our efficiency comes from prioritizing client experience and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Therefore, you will get premium products within record timelines.

Manufacturing Process Selection

Outer Reef’s manufacturing selection process was designed keeping quality control and efficiency in mind. To meet our goals, we have carefully designed a precision-oriented and innovative selection process.

We utilize our engineering design expertise to shortlist technologically advanced manufacturing machinery. Ranging from molds to assembly, each part of the process receives due care.

We also have created extensive SOPs around testing to ensure every aspect is duly tested individually as well as an assembled product.

Specific Manufacturing Process Techniques

We rely on specialized manufacturing techniques to enhance the efficiency and quality of our manufacturing process development. Our techniques involve:

  • Mold-based manufacturing (customized and standard).
  • Material Identification for development or protection.
  • Assembly and Testing.

Each category has a set of dedicated techniques or material selection criteria that help us minimize design and manufacturing inefficiencies.

Any need for adjustments is duly addressed to ensure you get

Experienced Engineering Consultants

Outer Reef follows a two-tiered innovative approach to achieve medical product development excellence. Aside from having the most technologically advanced machinery and optimized techniques, we have incredibly talented engineering consultants.

Our consultants are the backbone of the operations. We hire some of the most creative and detail-oriented minds who are not only updated on the latest technologies but are also innovative in their design approach.

They use their expertise, problem-solving approach, and intricate familiarity with the manufacturing process to create state-of-the-art medical products.

Manufacturing Process Selection

Our engineering consultants perform strict manufacturing process selection that involves comprehensive techniques to obtain planned results. Here are some examples of our techniques to enhance our selection:

  • Injection molding:We use injection molding to create standard sizes of product components during process manufacturing to avoid discrepancies in calculations.
  • Thermoforming:Aside from injection molding, we employ thermoforming to maintain flexibility during the manufacturing process. It helps us customize our creations to design specification as per product need requirements.
  • Structural foam:To obtain precision, we use structural foam during medical product development to fill out all spaces fully. This helps strengthen base material and makes it impervious to certain degrees of pressures.
  • Composites:We use composites to maximize product efficacy. Using laminar, fiber-reinforced, particulate composites creates the ideal structure to complement medical device software development.
  • Machining:To perfect the shapes and customize components to match product design, our engineering consultants deploy machining. It creates precision and keeps the surfaces smooth.
  • Sheet metal:Using this malleable material gives us design flexibility and allows us to be more creative in our approach towards process manufacturing solutions. It is also durable and adds operational life to the product.
  • Ceramics:Ceramics provide us extensive leverage in our designs for pressure sensors, femoral head implants for hip replacement, and valves. They are FDA-approved and a modern approach to medical product development.
  • Coatings:Coatings play a crucial role in increasing the life of an artificial implant by making it more biocompatible with the body. We use it during our implant process manufacturing to improve their effectiveness and their ability to last for more years in a patient’s body.
  • Fastening techniques:The initial phases of product assembly require us to use fastening techniques. These are standardized and adjustable and allow us to reduce the assembly time drastically.
    It is also precise and accurate, which ensures products are attached together with no chances of error. It improves their ability to function at a designed capacity.
  • Assembly:Once the first phase is complete, the entire product is assembled together with the necessary medical device software development. We use the results of software application development to finalize the product before testing it.
  • Test:In the final phase before packaging and delivery, we run the product a few times to ensure everything is working perfectly. We test out medical software solutions and their integration with the hardware to ensure there are no gaps in the product.

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Product Examples

Robotics and Automation
Robotics and Automation

Our main focus and core competency is developing robotic platforms from the ground up. We are proud partners with ABB and handle all of their medical applications.

Motor Controllers
Motor Controllers

No matter your motor controller needs, we have the solution. Our team can develop hardware and firmware for your sensored or sensorless BLDC motor.

Surgical Navigation/Motion Capture
Surgical Navigation/Motion Capture

We develop high accuracy and precision navigation systems for the medical and gaming industries. Our systems incorporate IMU, optics, and/or mechanical tracking options.

Surgical Suites
Surgical Suites

After working decades with the top surgeons, we have brought many Class III medical devices and suites to the industry from concept through clinical trials and 510k submission.

Imaging and Optics
Imaging and Optics

Our team has extensive knowlege and experience developing and manufactiring optical devices ranging from LED fiber optics to rigid and flexible scopes.

High Precision Encoders
High Precision Encoders

As nearly all of our products require the highest level of accuracy and precision, in a small form factor, we typically design our own encoder solution to meet the clients requirements.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality

We have partnered with some of the top companies in the world to develop world class virtual and augmented reality devices. Our specialty is in sensor calibration, system integartion and verifcation.

Industrial Product and Packaging Design
Industrial Product and Packaging Design

Our design team utilizes SolidWorks to design and develop all of the products mechanical components. We utilize FEA and 3D printing to ensure our designs meet all requirements, prior to manufacturing.

Software and Application Development
Software and Application Development

These day there are apps integrated into nearly every product. We can support desktop, mobile and standalone apps, including apps which are required to integrate with the cloud and/or remote devices.


Why is manufacturing process development necessary?
Manufacturing process development is necessary because it helps create a systematic process for medical product development. It helps:

  • Make the process efficient
  • Reduces chances of error
  • Helps set quality parameters at every stage of the process
  • Maintains overall product quality
Why is it useful to have different types of mold formation techniques?
What is process analysis and why is it necessary?

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