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Virtual and Augmented Reality Devices

The most important and prominent piece of VR equipment is the VR headset, which consists of goggles that completely cover one’s eyes. Examples of VR headsets include the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Options like the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear can also be used with phones. Other pieces of equipment used include hand controllers and joypads which are used to control hand movements. The Microsoft Hololens is a popular choice when it comes to hardware for AR.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Product Development Services and Process

Outer Reef Technologies’ VR and AR product development is highly specialized and is customized to your individual needs – no matter your needs, we can make them a (virtual or augmented) reality. With extensive experience in developing VR and AR products and software for a range of industries, we provide cutting-edge solutions to any and all problems. Our services cover both, virtual reality devices development, and virtual reality software development.

From game development, product development, and app development to visual effects and mixed reality, we handle it all. Therefore, Outer Reef Technologies can help you improve your business, whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the business for years.

Creative Direction and Story Development

We understand that part of story development is the need to make the app as immersive as possible. We keep this in mind while also developing unique concepts that are sure to meet every need, no matter how specialized. If you have an existing storyline, that’s no problem either – Outer Reef Technologies can make sure that it’s optimized for VR or AR.

3D Modeling and Environment Creation

Your VR and AR experiences are further helped with Outer Reef Technologies’ 3D modeling and environment creation – our experts make sure that your product is equipped with three-dimensional special effects, including animations, texture, and shading.

While art creation is usually expensive, Outer Reef Technologies keeps costs low to ensure affordability for both, small and big companies. Additionally, 3D modeling and environment creation is usually time-consuming and can stress you out if you’re on a time crunch. Don’t worry – our multiple experts work in tandem to meet your deadline every time.

Virtual Reality Development

Our virtual reality development services are innovative while still being cost-effective. With in-house specialists who have worked on various VR projects with renowned companies all over the world, we have an established system and process that streamlines everything from planning to creation and delivering the final product.

As for different platforms and cross-platform experiences, Outer Reef Technologies is well-versed in all aspects of VR development, including virtual reality devices development and virtual reality software development. If you choose us, we can bring your vision to life and ensure that it runs smoothly across multiple platforms.

Immersive Activations and VR Hardware Procurement

Although we make our augmented reality and virtual reality development services more cost-effective than other companies, we understand that VR is still a huge investment. That’s why Outer Reef Technologies acts as your one-stop shop for immersive experiences – not only do we plan and process VR development, but we also make sure that your return on investment is maximized and that all planning, engineering, consulting, and hardware procurement is taken care of. Our VR software development process even ensures that the launch goes smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

With so many options out there, why choose Outer Reef Technologies for virtual reality software development? The answer is simple – because we’re experienced professionals who can prove our skills. Not only have we partnered with some of the most renowned companies in the world, but we also specialize in multiple areas, including verification, system integration, sensor calibration, and medical device development.

While you may be able to find multiple firms in the market, you won’t find one that prioritizes innovation as much as we do. Our founder, Jonathan Azevedo has worked in commercial, medical, and defense sectors, and is experienced in everything from developing self-driving cars to designing medical robotic platforms.

For more information, check out our LinkedIn page. To start the VR software development process, contact us – we’re more than happy to take care of all your VR needs.

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Product Examples

Robotics and Automation
Robotics and Automation

Our main focus and core competency is developing robotic platforms from the ground up. We are proud partners with ABB and handle all of their medical applications.

Motor Controllers
Motor Controllers

No matter your motor controller needs, we have the solution. Our team can develop hardware and firmware for your sensored or sensorless BLDC motor.

Surgical Navigation/Motion Capture
Surgical Navigation/Motion Capture

We develop high accuracy and precision navigation systems for the medical and gaming industries. Our systems incorporate IMU, optics, and/or mechanical tracking options.

Surgical Suites
Surgical Suites

After working decades with the top surgeons, we have brought many Class III medical devices and suites to the industry from concept through clinical trials and 510k submission.

Imaging and Optics
Imaging and Optics

Our team has extensive knowlege and experience developing and manufactiring optical devices ranging from LED fiber optics to rigid and flexible scopes.

High Precision Encoders
High Precision Encoders

As nearly all of our products require the highest level of accuracy and precision, in a small form factor, we typically design our own encoder solution to meet the clients requirements.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality

We have partnered with some of the top companies in the world to develop world class virtual and augmented reality devices. Our specialty is in sensor calibration, system integartion and verifcation.

Industrial Product and Packaging Design
Industrial Product and Packaging Design

Our design team utilizes SolidWorks to design and develop all of the products mechanical components. We utilize FEA and 3D printing to ensure our designs meet all requirements, prior to manufacturing.

Software and Application Development
Software and Application Development

These day there are apps integrated into nearly every product. We can support desktop, mobile and standalone apps, including apps which are required to integrate with the cloud and/or remote devices.


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