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IRB 5350 – Compact, Flexible, and High Performance

Optimized design for various applications

The IRB 5350 robot provides two options for different interior painting solutions: the three axes stop-and-go version and the four axes moving-line version. This capable and efficient interior painting solution can support booth width from 4.5 to 6 meters, booth length from 3 to 10 meters, and conveyor speeds ranging from 5 to 10 m/min.

Compact design and flexible installation

With the compact arm/foot/rail system, the IRB 5350 can accomplish the following:

  • easily integrated into a narrow booth
  • increased flexibility for the paint robot by using a dedicated rail system
  • common solutions to be used on both sides of the booth, shift the working range for axis 2 for a left or right version
  • the rail system supports floor mounting

High performance and reliability

For the last several decades, ABB has been peerless in robotic motion control technology. With the QuickMove™/TrueMove™ technology, the IRB 5350 robot is able to utilize swift acceleration and smart sensor tooling to complete a door opening cycle within 3 seconds (A typical cycle includes approaching, searching, gripping, opening, closing, releasing etc.)

The IRB 5350 handles a gripper tool of up to 7kg to grip, open and close different kinds of car doors using its advanced sensors, built into the tooling for detecting the door. Well known for its high protection standards, ABB’s IRB 5350 has an IP66 rating. The rail axis has IP66 protection as standard.

Easy control and programming

With clear functionality, ABB offers a manageable solution to any interior painting challenge.

  • Use the IRC5P robot controller to command both the IRB 5350 door opener robot along with the ABB’s paint robots, common spare parts and interface
  • The EX-certified Teach Pendant can be used inside the paint booth for program modifications and testing
  • Offline programming of the entire interior zone is possible with use of ABB’s innovative RobotStudio