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IRB 2600 - ABB Further Extends its Mid-Range Robot Family

Sharp accuracy

With the best accuracy in its class, the IRB 2600 can help you increase output with higher process speeds and lower scrap rates, resulting in improved productivity. This is particularly useful in process applications, such as arc welding. The high accuracy is achieved by the use of the patented TrueMove™ motion control software.

Short cycle times

Thanks to the compact and optimized design resulting in a low weight, the IRB 2600 can cut the cycle times of the industry benchmark by up to 25 %. The patented QuickMove™ motion control software ensures that the maximum acceleration achievable is the highest in its class, together with high maximum speeds. The benefit is increased production capacity and high productivity.

Large working range

The combination of a large working range and flexible mounting makes it possible to reach machines to be served without interfering with auxiliary equipment. By optimizing the robot placement, you’ll benefit from higher productivity. Flexible mounting is also very useful when you are simulating the best position for your application.

Compact design

The IRB 2600 has the same small footprint as IRB 4600. With the IRB 2600 you can create your production cell with reduced floor space by placing the robot closer to the served machines. The robots’ design makes it easier for the lower arm to reach straight downwards.

Best protection available

ABB has the most comprehensive protection program for industrial robots on the market. The IRB 2600 has IP67 as standard and FoundryPlus 2 as option.

Main applications:

  • Arc Welding
  • Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Removal
  • Cleaning/Spraying
  • Dispensing
  • Packing