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IRB 4400 - Fast, Compact and Versatile Industrial Robot

Fast, compact, and versatile industrial robot

IRB 4400 is a rigid, well-balanced design and the patented TrueMoveTM function provides smooth and fast movement throughout the entire working range. This ensures very high quality in applications such as cutting. Rapid maneuverability makes the IRB 4400 perfectly matched for applications where speed and flexibility are important. The compact design and protected versions enable use in situations where conventional robots cannot work, such as foundry and spraying applications. The Foundry Plus 2 version is IP 67 protected and can be washed with high-pressure steam, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Reliability and economy

The robust, rigid construction means long intervals between routine maintenance. Well-balanced steel arms with double bearing joints, a torque-strut on axis 2 and use of maintenance-free gearboxes and cabling also contribute to the very high levels of reliability. The drive train is optimized to give high torque with the lowest power consumption for economic operation.

Extensive communication for easy integration

The extensive communication capabilities include serial links, network interfaces, PLC, remote I/O and field bus interfaces. This makes for easy integration in small manufacturing stations as well as large scale factory automation systems.

Global service and support

For worry-free operation, ABB also offers RemoteService, which gives remote access to equipment for monitoring and support. Moreover, ABB customers can take advantage of the company’s service organization; with more than 35 years of experience in the arc welding sector, ABB provides service support in over 100 locations in 53 countries.

Main Applications:

  • Cutting/Deburring
  • Die Spraying
  • Dispensing
  • Grinding/Polishing
  • Measuring