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Benefits of Automating with ABB Robots

What Is ABB Robotics?

ABB Robotics is one of the most trusted robot manufacturers in the industry and has been operating since 1974. With decades of experience in all kinds of robotics, ABB Robotics is known globally and has installed over 400,000 robots across the world. Their industrial robots are the industry standard and offer companies a number of advantages. Here’s why you should consider investing in ABB Robotics.

Advantages of Automating with ABB Robotics

Automating, in general, offers businesses a number of advantages but using ABB Robotics takes these to the next level. As one of the most reliable and highest-rated robotics companies in the industry, ABB, in combination with Outer Reef Technologies, can help with any and all automation needs. The following are some of the advantages you can expect from using ABB Robotics.

Reduction in Operating and Capital Costs

Using ABB Robotics for automation can help you reduce costs, and thus, increase revenue. Not only do these robots reduce your direct costs, but they also make a difference to overhead costs, making business much more profitable.

Space Saved

Factory spaces do not come cheap. This is why so many manufacturers are opting for automation. Robots can be set up to maximize output without allocating large amounts of space to them. They can also work in confined spaces that human beings may be unable to.

Increase in Output and Quality

While many argue that human production results in high-quality finished products, this doesn’t line up with data. Robots are inherently more consistent than human beings and are not held back by distractions or tiredness. They can take care of repetitive and cumbersome tasks, and both, finish them faster, and ensure high quality on every item.

Automation also results in increased output rates. Since robots do not require sleep or breaks, they can keep working when human workers cannot. Additionally, because they’re faster than human workers, more output is produced in the same period of time.

Safer Work Environment

Although some workers fear that automation from machines like those from ABB Robotics may render them useless, this could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, automation can benefit workers as much as it does businesses. Not only can robots take care of tedious and repetitive tasks that employees do not enjoy, but they can actually free employees up so that they can focus on value-added tasks. The likelihood of accidents can be reduced, and potentially dangerous jobs can be automated.

Reduction in Waste

Because robots are more careful and consistent than human workers, they can reduce waste by optimizing the use of production materials.

Flexible Manufacturing

One of the main benefits that robots can provide is flexibility when it comes to manufacturing. Whether you’re scaling up production or switching processes, robotic automation can take care of it without any problems.

Reduction in Labor Turnover

Not only are robots more efficient than laborers, but they also don’t require training and businesses don’t have to invest time and resources into recruitment processes. Skilled labor is not easy to find, and automation can be the perfect answer for businesses that need to ramp up production when required without wasting time on recruitment.

How to Take Advantage of ABB Robotics Applications

The benefits outlined above are only the tip of the iceberg. ABB Robotics applications are far and wide, and cover everything from manufacturing to complex, minimally invasive surgery.

If you want to know more about ABB Robotics and how they can help your company, contact us here. Outer Reef Technologies is a long-standing partner of ABB Robotics and can help you with not only ABB robotic surgery options, but also other ABB Robotics applications!

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