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Benefits of DC Motors and Why They’re Great for Robotics

What Is a DC Motor Controller?

While AC motors alternate current to electric motors, DC motors use direct currents with the current flowing in a single direction and convert the energy into mechanical energy. Because of this, DC motors can run on batteries, and can be used for mobile applications, such as those in robotics. DC motor controllers are simply devices that are able to control the speed and torque of DC motors.

Advantages of DC Motors in Robotics

Not only are DC motors easier to install and maintain, but they’re preferred for robotics because of their high torque, speed variation, and more. The following advantages make DC motors ideal for robotics, and thus, result in robotics companies favouring DC motor controllers.

Easier Installation and Maintenance

One of the reasons DC motors are preferred for ABB Robotics Applications is because of how easy they are to install. In addition to this, they don’t require as much maintenance as their AC motor counterparts and are much easier to repair.

High Torque

One reason DC motors are preferred over their AC motor counterparts is because of their higher starting torque. This makes them perfect for ABB Robotics Applications like constant low-speed, acceleration, and variable-speed torque. Additionally, DC motors have a higher speed-torque curve, which makes them more suitable for robotics than AC motors.

Speed Variation and Control

Robotics companies like ABB Robotics also use DC motors because of the speed variation and control they provide. DC motors not only have variable speed, but actually have three ways to control this speed. This can be done by varying the supply voltage, varying the flux, or by varying armature voltage and resistance.

No Harmonic Effect

While AC motors are prone to harmonic effects that cause noise and can damage components and equipment, this isn’t the case for DC motors. Harmonic problems can go as far as to cause motors to fail. Because DC motors do not have a harmonic effect, they’re more reliable and better suited for ABB Robotics applications.

ABB Robotics and DC Motors

In addition to this, DC motors can be reversed and stopped fairly quickly and don’t require extra power to supply load. Therefore, DC motors are used in ABB Robotics because of their many advantages over AC motors. These advantages make DC motors more suitable for robotics since they can handle high torque, have options for controlling speed, and more. When it comes to collaborative robots, there’s no question that DC motors are the way to go.

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